Emma Forgues is a visual artist based in Montreal. She’s an undergraduate student pursuing a BFA in Computation Arts at Concordia University, Montreal. She also works as a videographer. Her research and creation processes revolve around the uncanniness arising from the junction of the real and virtual worlds. She explores the innovations of technology and its social impact through video, sound, coding, audiovisual and performance projects. She believes that these tools are great vectors of communication and dissemination.Her work has been exhibited with institutions and galleries including La Serre’s Vous Etes Ici (MTL), Mutek Festival (MTL), Espace Projet (MTL), Articule Gallery (MTL), Eastern Bloc (MTL) and Daïmon (GAT).


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Emma is also the half of she.PHASE a collaboration between herself and Sam Bourgault. Both studying Computation Arts, their heterogenous experience, from art to science, leads to a diversified approach in their artistic practice. Their common interests involve the body, cybernetics, interactivity, both in the real and in the virtual world.