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Emma Forgues is a new media artist based in Montreal. She is an undergraduate student completing a BFA in Computation Arts at Concordia University, Montreal. She works for Jason Edward Lewis as a videographer and programmer at Obx Labs, a laboratory for experimental media empowering Indigenous peoples with new media technologies. Throughout 2018, she worked as a sound editor for artist Rita McKeough’s installation, Veins, exhibited at OBORO, Montreal. She provided Virtual Reality (VR) development for ISLAND, a VR installation by Olivia McGilchrist which was showcased at the Campus Hexagram Exhibition: Taking Care, at Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria.

Her artistic approach examines the innovations of art, design, technology and its social impact through a mixture of video, sound, electronic, creative coding, audiovisual installation and performance projects. More recently, she has been merging biotechnology with her art practice to explore the cultural and emotional impacts of science and technology on the human body. She has showcased her work in multiple galleries and festivals in Montreal including MUTEK (2017), Espace Projet (2018), Articule (2018), RIPA (2019), OFFTA (2019), ICRA-X: Robotic Art Program (2019) and OBORO (2019). She is also a member of the duo she.PHASE, which performed live visual sets at multiple local events such as LIP (Sala Rossa; Sotterena; Alexandra Platz, 2018), Vault (2018), Algorave (Sotterena; Casa del Popolo, 2018), Nuit Blanche (Livart, 2019), Ibrida*Pluri x Suoni Per Il Popolo (La Vitrola, 2019), Slut Island Festival (Phi Centre; Bar Le Ritz PDB, 2019) and more.

Emma Forgues earned several awards and residencies including the Public Choice Award at Mutek Next Era Competition (2017), an audiovisual creation contest; and a residency at LA SERRE - Vous Etes Ici (2018). Her works iO and Mycocene were presented in March 2019 by the artist Alice Jarry at the Behavioral Matter Conference at the Centre Pompidou (Paris, France) as part of The Fabric of the Living Exhibition. With the collective somme (Emma Forgues, Matthew Salaciak, Sam Bourgault, Matthew Halpenny, and Owen Coolidge), she received the OBORO New Media Creation Grant Caisse Desjardins which included a residency and an exhibition at OBORO as part of the ELEKTRA Festival 2019 programming. Also, as part of this grant, the collective somme presented their work at the International Marketplace for Digital Art (MIAN) at the Phi Centre during the 20th edition of the ELEKTRA Festival (June 2019).