Body-Data [a work in progress], A/V, 2018

Body-Data brings together live electronic sound and generative visuals to explore how machines, programs, bodies and the physical world interact with each other. The conceptual basis of this work is an exploration of feedback loops between bodies and machines, how they are entangled through the mediums of sound, motion, and computation.

Taking inspiration from the heterotrophic process by which organisms like fungi decompose matter and transform it into energy and nutrients, the artists seek to mimic that process by transforming body-data into a visually enticing experience, reflecting [on] how sound can become visual via the body. As these organisms exhibit resilience to ecological perturbation, the artists strive to integrate their surroundings in a sustainable and symbiotic fashion.


soft.PHASE is a new collaboration between visual artists Emma Forgues and Sam Bourgault—who perform as she.PHASE—and music producer Leticia Trandafir—known as softcoresoft and half of Demora.

Bourgault and Forgues’ heterogenous experience, from art to science, leads to a diversified approach in their artistic practice. Their common interests involve the body, cybernetics, interactivity, both in the real and in the virtual world.

Trandafir performs all hardware sets which fuse elements of various rave musics, involving the listener’s body and mind through hypnotic synths and percussion.


Sam Bourgault && Emma Forgues && Leticia Trandafir