The Flesh of the World, Documentation, A/V, 2020

A collaboration between sound artist Golpesar and visual duo she.PHASE, The Flesh of the World is a speculative audio-visual work combining the respective universes of the artists.

Unfurling like a recollection of sonic memories, The Flesh of the World sees Golpesar poetically weaving sounds of traditional and modern Iran within synthesized sonic imaginaries in a queer act of becoming. The world that emerges is one of opposing sonic affects, relentlessly engaged in a dialectical push and pull. Simultaneously real and fictional, loving and angered, abrasive and tender, the sonic narratives of the Flesh embody the angst faced by --- within the current geopolitical climate.

Reflecting these themes through a post-internet critical feminist lens, visual duo she.PHASE inscribe the sounds of The Flesh in a visual universe that is equally uncanny and slightly humorous. Found footage is combined with hyper-real digital rendering in a continuous stream of consciousness which finds Iranian pop star Googoosh dancing alongside soft bodies. Throughout the live performance, the sounds and visuals of the artists react to each other in a fluid and organic manner, as if the Flesh were a breathing entity.

a collaboration between

Golpesar && she.PHASE

The Flesh of the World, Video, 2020