pedestrian, web, 2017

Pedestrian by Shelley Eshkar and Paul Kaiser reveals the everyday activities of miniature dwellers in a trompe l’oeil city. Through observation of this site-specific projection, the instructions embedded in characters 'behavior become obvious and therefore the question of our own human physical independence is raised. Our remake of this piece strives to reverse this process by exhibiting explicitly the command lines underlying avatars' conduct. Consequently the viewer is confronted at first to a series of scripts and a console that gives direct access to avatars' mind. The actual visual using Javascript in Unity is open as a pop-up window and presents the incidents of a character trying to get on the other side of a wall. This adaptation of Pedestrian also aims for us to think about the command lines which rule our own life.

a collaboration between

samuelle bourgault && emma forgues && jérémie desmarais