BRAND NEW FLAVA, Music Video, 2021

Brand New Flava is a collaboration between producer and DJ, Honeydrip, and visual artist Emma Forgues.

Honeydrip’s upcoming debut EP Anti-Ego is heavily influenced by the symbiosis of black culture and electronic music. The music video embodies the interaction of Caribbean and digital exploration, which dates back as early as the beginnings of the dub and soundsystem cultures. Brand New Flava ft. King Shadrock is an extension of this movement as it meshes dub, techno, dancehall, and reggae while pushing the narrative forward. The audiovisual experience created by Emma Forgues renders an immaterial world through latex, velvet, honey, glassy textures, ¼ inch jack cables, uncanny dance moves and morphing bodies. Humanoid shapes created from 3D scannings of Honeydrip and King Shadrock’s bodies explore deep and bold universes while morphing to the sound of the synth stabs.


Brand New Flava - Music Video Release @ 4:3 - BOILER ROOM

July 2021


Animated & Produced by Emma Forgues
Composed by Honeydrip
Vocals by King Shadrock
Mixed by Francis Latreille
Mastered by Valentin Ignat