Demolition, Music Video, 2021

Demolition is a project by mesocosm, a collaboration between Emma Forgues, Joël Lavoie and Philippe Vandal.

Montréal trio mesocosm, collaboration between videographer Emma Forgues and musicians Philippe Vandal et Joël Lavoie, sets out to explore an autonomous ecosystem loosely constructed from a blend of modular syntheses, field recordings, evocative computer-generated elements and live video manipulation. Orchestrated from this universe’s erratic and unpredictable soundscape reminiscent of glitch, noise, ambient and electroacoustics, a new reality will emerge, teetering on the edge of chaos and harmony, a veritable symbiosis between the synthetic and the organic.


mesocosm Live AV @ Mutek Montréal

August 2021

a collaboration between

Joël Lavoie && Philippe Vandal && Emma Forgues