iO, Installation, 2019

As one organism (animalia) interacts with another organism of opposite kingdom (botanica) , their interaction creates a physical alteration to both bodies. The chemical composition of the plants body and use of their present resources changes when a human is present. This chemical fluctuation is collected in the form of data and turned into a binary system of numbers that are translated through the computer thus demonstrating a translation from one organism to another. This data is then fed to pumps which circulate co2 through a microbiome of chlorella algae which move with kinetic pressure as the interaction effects the plant. We are effectively representing how any interaction between any organism has an effect on another organism with or without knowingly doing so.

a Collaboration with

Jacqui Beaumont


Behavioral Matter Conference as part of the Fabric of the Living Exhibition @ the Centre Pompidou, Paris FR

March 2019