internetic, Drawing Machine, 2016

The primary function of this kinetic work is to draw. I decided to orient myself towards kinetic art to question the notion of drawing and performance. I find the concept of drawing quite intriguing. Does the term “draw” means the action of drawing and the result of this practice? Can we call it art if it’s made by a program? I’m wondering if the action to draw should necessarily be done by hand to be considered as a drawing. I wanted to challenge this assumption by creating an interactive and kinetic machine, or more precisely a program, that draws random drawings by itself and allow to user to influence the result.
The “machine” draws automatically patterns with or without the user’s help. He is able to interact with the machine through specific commands.

Visual and computational references


When the user is satisfied with the drawing; he can stop the machine, he can hide the mechanisms and he can save the result in the sketch folder. He might end up with interesting results.